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Video highlights Timber Creek (Northern Territory) to Wyndham (Western Australia)

17 May 2016 - 12:27 -- Pieter de Groot...

Policeman's Point, Timber Creek. A lookout 2 km from the turn-off from the Victoria Highway, about 4 km NW of Timber Creek in the Northern Territory. This lookout provides a nice lookout over the Victoria River. A side track in between the Victoria Highway and the lookout itself leads to a reed fringed shore which can be very good for several species of waxbill and mannikins. I've also encountered a foraging party of around seven Purple-crowned Fairy-wren at this location:

Video highlights Coober Pedy to the West MacDonnel Ranges near Alice Springs, South Australia

5 May 2016 - 12:54 -- Pieter de Groot...

Some of the following info came from Mark Carter, the best available bird guide for the Red Centre. Mark also specialises in guiding expeditions into the Outback where he has a very high succes rate in finding the legendary Princess Parrot and Rufous-crowned Emu-wren, among other things. These species are two of only a few species I've missed during my year. Thanks Mark!

Video highlights Birdsville Track and the Great Ocean Road, Australia

29 Apr 2016 - 12:07 -- Pieter de Groot...

Pieter de Groot Boersma has uploaded his next batch of video highlights from his big trip, driving all the way from Melbourne in Victoria towards the famous Birdsville Track in E South Australia. Many of the following species were seen after tips from Peter Waanders, an excellent Dutch born Australian birdguide which founded Bellbird Birding Tours (formerly known as Southern Birding Services). Due to its excellent expertise many visitors to Australia are being treated with rare sightings of many species throughout the country (and recently also in Malaysia). I repaid his tips with up-to-date information on the locations visited. Thanks Peter!

Video highlights Tasmania part 3

25 Apr 2016 - 09:22 -- Pieter de Groot...

Undisclosed site near Hobart, Tasmania. I spent a small week at a family from Dutch born Australian biologist Els Wakefield. Els also helpt both Noah Strycker and just recently fellow Dutch birder Arjan Dwarshuis on their Big Years. I spent quite a few hours snorkelling with her son. A massive personal highlight were my first ever seahorses of my life, namely the massive Big-belly Seahorse! Els took me to a few spots near Hobart to look for birds, including this a site where the following species were filmed:

Video highlights Tasmania part 2

15 Apr 2016 - 10:41 -- Pieter de Groot...

Pieter de Groot Boersma finished uploading the second batch of highlights from beautiful Tasmania!

Melaleuca, a small former mining settlement in the remote SW part of Tasmania. The habitat of the area consists of hilly terrain covered in vast swathes of heath. A small gravel airstrip provides the easiest acces to this area, as the only other means of reaching the area is by boat (no regular service to my knowledge) and by hiking which can take a small week one-way. Par Avion Wilderness Tours has a pricey regular service operating from Cambridge near Hobart which is used by day visitors and hikers alike: