My Birding

My Birding is an easy and safe recording system for your bird sightings, which you can organize creating Birdlists, grouping them into Trips, and with the possibility of adding comments to each sighting. Users are provided with a text field and map and may also mark other details like whether the species was heard only, photographed, etc. The system is able to automatically calculate and show you the "First Sighting" for each species you’ve added.

This tool will carefully continue to add more options, like different consultations, reports and analyses. A key goal of My Birding is to integrate the content of HBW Alive with your own data and observations, conveniently offering you illustrations, descriptions, distribution maps and so forth of a given species while you are entering your records, all without leaving the My Birding page. The opposite will be true as well, so that when you are exploring the main content of HBW Alive, you will have easy access to your own data on the species you are reading about.

News on My Birding

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10 Jan 2017 - 12:54
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Last created sighting on My Birding

1 Yellow-fronted Canary (Crithagra mozambica) ssp barbata observed in Kenya on 23 Jul 2017
5 min 29 sec ago
Illustration of Yellow-fronted Canary (Crithagra mozambica)