(syn. Lalage Ϯ Mauritius Cuckooshrike L. typica) Gr. ακανθινος akanthinos  thorny  < ακανθα akantha  thorn  < ακη akē  point; -νωτος -nōtos  -backed  < νωτον nōton  back; "Genus, OXYNOTUS.   ...   Feathers on the back very rigid.   ...  Type. — Lanius rufiventer, MUS. PARIS.  OBS.— There is a general resemblance between this very singular bird and the genus Sphecotheres, VIEILL., in the bill and tarsi; but the two forms are clearly analogical. We originally proposed the name of Acanthinotus for this genus, but the word has been already employed in Entomology." (Swainson 1831) (In fact, the name merely listed earlier in the same work, Acanthonotus, is also a nomen nudum (see Oxynotus)); "Acanthinotus Swainson, 1832 (Feb.). op. cit., p. 483. New name for Acanthonotus Swainson, op. cit., p. 168, preoccupied. Type, by present designation, Oxynotus typicus Hartlaub." (Peters 1960, IX, 168).   Var. Acanthonotus.

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