Gr. αηδων aēdōn,  αηδονος aēdonos  nightingale, songstress  < αειδω aeidō  to sing; οψις opsis  appearance.
● (syn. Locustella Ϯ River Warbler L. fluviatilis)  "[IN INDEX] Aëdonopsis Br.   - fluviatilis. Br.  [species no.] 238.    - luscinioïdes. Br.  [species no.] 240." (Rey 1872). According to the Richmond Card Index this name is an emendation of Aedonops. However, Laurent Raty in litt. concludes, "Under the present rules, Rey's action cannot be interpreted as intentional, and 'Aedonopsis Rey' is a mere incorrect subsequent spelling without nomenclatural availability, not an emendation. Thus Aedonopsis Sharpe 1883 (which has been in use well into the 20th C and can certainly not be deemed a forgotten name) doesn't appear preoccupied, after all. Why are we using the replacement name instead of the original one?"
● (syn. Tychaedon Ϯ Brown Scrub Robin T. signata) "18. AEDONOPSIS.  Cossypha, pt., auct.  Aedon, pt., Gray.   Range. Confined to South-eastern Africa.   1. Aedonopsis signata" (Sharpe 1883).  Var. Adenopsis.

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