(Apodidae; Ϯ White-throated Swift A. saxatilis) Gr. αηρ aēr, αερος aeros  air; ναυτης nautēs  sailor  < ναυς naus, νεως neōs  ship; "2. AËRONAUTES.   If Panyptila is admitted as a distinct genus, it becomes necessary to establish a new genus for P. melanoleuca.  The structure of the plumage and the shape of the tail are so totally different, that it cannot be associated with Panyptila.  Little is known about its nidification, but from the notes published it is evident that it does not build such a peculiar nest as the species of Panyptila do." (Hartert 1892); "Aëronautes Hartert, Cat. Bds. Brit.Mus., 16, 1892, p. 4346 (in key), p. 459. Type, by monotypy, Cypselus melanoleucus Baird = Acanthylis saxatilis Woodhouse." (Peters 1940, IV, 252).
Synon. Duidia.

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