(syn. Spizocorys Ϯ Masked Lark S. personata) Gr. αηθης aēthēs  unusual  < negative prefix α- a- ; ηθος ēthos  custom, character; Mod. L. corys  lark  < Gr. κορυδος korudos  crested lark  < κορυς korus, κορυθος koruthos   helmet; "Dr. SHARPE also pointed out that the bird which he had described as Spizocorys personata was not a Spizocorys, but that it was certainly not an Alauda, in which genus Captain Shelley had proposed to put it. It differed from Alauda in its long wings, which reached practically to the tip of the tail, and in its very peculiar flattened bill, especially on the genys. The coloration was also so peculiar, that the species must be made the type of a distinct genus, which Dr Sharpe proposed to call Aëthocorys." (Sharpe 1902).

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