(syn. Charadrius Ϯ Chestnut-banded Plover C. pallidus venustus) L. Afer, Afra  African  < Africa  Africa; genus Aegialeus Reichenbach, 1853, plover; "Charadrius + Aegialitis venustusLeucopolius rufocinctus (Reichenow, Vog. Afrik. I. 680, 1900) (et cf. Mathews, B. Australia, III. 113).  It seems advisable to recognise this species in a subgenus, for which I propose the name of AFRAEGIALIS, the bill and tarsus being short and a rufous chest-band being present, the typical Leucopolius having the bill long and the tarsus short, and the subgenus Helenaegialis Mathews having both the bill and tarsus long, and neither of these two subgenera having a rufous chest-band." (A. Roberts 1922); "Afraegialis Roberts, Ann. Transv. Mus., 8, 1922, p. 200. Type, by monotypy, Charadrius venustus Fischer and Reichenow." (Peters 1934, II, 246).

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