(syn. Tangara Ϯ Paradise Tanager T. chilensis) Gr. αγλαια aglaia  beauty, splendour  < αγλαος aglaos  splendid (in myth. Aglaïa, one of the three Graces. Aglaïa, Euphrosyne, and Thalia, the goddesses of beauty, grace, and favour, were the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome); "AGLAÏA.  Rostrum breve, parvum, compressum; naribus plumulis obtectis. Alæ longiusculæ; remigibus 2da, 3tia, et 4ta æqualibus, longissimis. Cauda æqualis.  ... Type. Tanagra Tatao. Linn.   These lovely birds are connected to the true Tanagers by the Tanagra Braziliensis, Linn., and pass into the genus Euphonia of M. Vieillot" (Swainson 1827).

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