(Sturnidae; Ϯ Purple-backed Starling A. sturninus) Gr. αγρος agros  field; ψαρ psar, ψαρος psaros  starling; "Genus AGROPSAR, n. gen.  I institute this genus for the reception of A. sturninus, which differs from Sturnia sinensis in having portions of the plumage glossy, a shorter and more massive bill, a more pointed wing, and a tail which is much shorter and forked. The nasal membrane is moreover nearly bare, being plumed merely at the posterior corner. The sexes are alike.  A. sturninus appears to resemble the Mynas of the genus Sturnia in habits, feeding both on the ground and on trees.    542. Agropsar sturninus.  The Daurian Myna.  Gracula sturnina, Pall. Reis. Russ. Reichs, iii, p. 695 (1776)." (Oates 1889); "AGROPSAR Oates, 1889  M -- Gracula sturnina Pallas, 1776; type by original designation and monotypy" (Dickinson & Christidis (eds.) 2014, 574).

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