(Anatidae; Ϯ Wood Duck A. sponsa) Gr. αιξ aix, αιγος aigos  large web-footed bird mentioned by Aristotle, not further identified, but since conjectured to be a small goose or a large duck. According to Gessner 1555, Aldrovandus 1599-1603, and other authors this was also a name for the Lapwing Vanellus (cf. αιξ aix, αιγος aigos  goat). "Fam. Anatidae Leach.  ...  Gattung Aix. 3   Hierher aus Asien: 1. Anas galericulata Lin.  2. — falcaria Pall.   America: 3. Anas sponsa Lin. Wils. pl. 70. fig. 3.  ...  Name eines Wasservogels bey Aristot." (Boie 1828); "Aix Boie, Isis, 21, 1828, p. 329. Type, by subsequent designation, Anas sponsa Linné. (Eyton, Monogr. Anat., 1838, p. 35.)" (Peters 1931, 1, 170).
Var. Aia.
Synon. Dendronessa, Lampronessa.

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