(Columbidae; Ϯ Mauritius Blue Pigeon A. nitidissima) Gr. αλεκτρυων alektruōn, αλεκτρυονος alektruonos  cockerel; οινας oinas, οιναδος oinados  pigeon; "HACKLED P[IGEON] ...  the feathers of the head, neck, and breast, are long, narrow, and pointed, and of a singular construction, appearing as a polished surface, in the same manner as the appendices of the wing feathers of the Bohemian Chatterer, or Wild Indian Cock: round the eye is a naked deep red skin" (Latham 1783); "*ALECTRŒNAS, n.  Columba, Lath.  Colomgalles, Less.   A. Franciæ, (Lath.) nLevaill. Ois. d'Afr., pl. 267." (G. Gray 1840); "Alectrœnas G. R. Gray, List Gen. Bds., 1840, p. 58. Type, by original designation, A. Franciae (Lath.) = Columba franciae Gmelin = Columba nitidissima Scopoli." (Peters 1937, III, 40).   
Var. Alectraenas.   
Synon. Chlamydoena, Erythraena, Erythrotreron, Furningus.

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