(Muscicapidae; Ϯ Fire-crested Alethe A. castanea) Alethe, attendant of the Sacred Ibis in the Temple of Isis (cf. Gr. αληθης alēthēs  sincere, actual; myth. Alethes, a king of Corinth); "Genus ALETHE, nobis.  General form and aspect of Napothera, but with the bill thicker, the bristles at the base of the upper mandible weaker and shorter, and in general characters more approaching Cossypha and Geocichla. Wing rather long, first quill short, fourth and fifth longest, tail moderate, legs rather strong.    75. ALETHE CASTANEA, (Cassin.)  Napothera castanea, Cassin, Proc. Acad. Philada. 1856, p. 158." (Cassin 1859); "Alethe Cassin, 1859, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, 11, p. 43. Type, by monotypy, Napothera castanea Cassin." (Ripley in Peters 1964, X, 61).

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