(Motacillidae; Ϯ São Tomé Short-tail A. bocagii) Gr. αμαυρος amauros  dark; κιχλη kikhlē  thrush; "This new species has a brown style of coloration which is characteristic of many Timeliine birds, but it seems to find its nearest ally in a Malayan genus Crateroscelis [= Trichastoma] of Malacca and Borneo. It differs, however, from that genus in certain evident characters, which may be diagnosed as follows: - AMAUROCICHLA, gen. nov. Similar to Crateroscelis, but distinguished by the shape of the wing, the first primary being nearly as long as the second ... The bill is as long as the head, and rictal bristles are absent, while the tail-feathers are somewhat acuminate.  The type is: - AMAUROCICHLA BOCAGII, sp. nov.  Adult. General colour above uniform chocolate-brown, the wings and tail a little darker than the back" (Sharpe 1892). Recent work suggests that the São Tomé Short-tail or Bocage's Longbill, formerly treated in various sylviine families or groups, is very closely related to the wagtails Motacilla and may even belong in that genus. 

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