(syn. Melanodryas Ϯ Dusky Robin M. vittata) Gr. αμαυρος amauros  dark; δρυας druas, δρυαδος druados  dryad, tree-nymph  < δρυς drus, δρυος druos  tree; "Genus AMAURODRYAS, Gould.  The well-known Dusky Robin of Tasmania differs in several particulars from the true Petroicæ, not only in colour, but in the stouter and more robust or thicker form of the bill; its eggs are also very different from those of the Petroicæ. The sexes are alike in colouring.   Sp. 170.  AMAURODRYAS VITTATA.  DUSKY ROBIN.  ... This plain-coloured species is very abundantly distributed over all those parts of Tasmania that are suitable to its habits; it gives preference to thinly-timbered hills, and all such plains and low grounds as are sterile and covered with thickets and stunted brushwood. In its manners and whole economy it assimilates to the Red-breasted Robins; I frequently observed it sitting on the stumps of dead and fallen trees, on the railings of inclosures, gardens, and other similar situations." (Gould 1865).

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