(Passerellidae; Ϯ Grasshopper Sparrow A. savannarum bimaculatus) Gr. αμμος ammos  sand; -δρομος -dromos  -racer, -runner  < τρεχω trekhō  to run; "SHARP-TAILED FINCH. FRINGILLA CAUDACUTA  ... This new ... and beautiful species is an associate of the former [SEA-SIDE FINCH. FRINGILLA MARITIMA], inhabits the same places, lives on the same food; and resembles it so much in manners" (A. Wilson 1811). "Ammodramus bimaculatus. Above gray, varied with chestnut lines and black spots; beneath ochraceous white, unspotted; breast with a lateral black spot. Table land. Temiscaltipec" (Swainson 1827); "An earlier name for Coturniculus Bonaparte [1838] is found in Ammodramus Swainson [1827, Philosophical Magazine, new series, 1, 435], the real type of which is Ammodramus bimaculatus Swainson - not, as commonly considered, Fringilla caudacuta Wilson (= Oriolus caudacutus Gmelin). This is a case precisely similar to those of Xiphorhynchus and Tiaris, since the first use of Ammodramus is in the original description of Ammodramus bimaculatus, the western continental form of Ammodramus savannarum (Gmelin), antedating by several months the publication of an article [Swainson, 1827, Zoological Journal, 3, 348] wherein Fringilla caudacuta Wilson is given as the type" (Oberholser 1905) (see Ammospiza).
Var. Ammodromus, Amodramus.
Synon. Coturniculus, Myospiza, Palaeostruthus, Passerherbulus, Thryospiza.

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