(syn. Streptopelia Ϯ European Turtle Dove S. turtur) Gr. αμορος amoros  unlucky, wretched  < αμοιρεω amoireō  to have no share in; πελεια peleia  dove; "AMOROPELIA gen. nov.  ...  SOME years ago when I pointed out the exact usage of the genus name Turtur by Boddaert I was incited to provide a substitute for the genus name Turtur as commonly in use, but instead allowed the usage of Streptopelia. Mr. W. L. Sclater has again suggested the introduction of such a name, at least to be used subgenerically, and I therefore propose the above name for the group of which Columba turtur L. can be considered the type; I have introduced it as a new generic name, but it can be used in a subgeneric sense by workers who make use of subgenera." (Mathews 1921). The new name was doubtless influenced by Richmond’s earlier coinings of Amoropsittaca and Amoromyza.

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