(syn. Anthus Ϯ Nicholson's Pipit A. nicholsoni) Gr. ανωμαλος anōmalos  strange  < negative prefix αν- an- ; ομαλος omalos  even; genus Anthus Bechstein, 1805, pipit; "A. rufulus raalteni  ...  In Anthus nicholsoni Sharpe the colour markings are practically the same, the main difference being that the outer tail feathers are not so clearly nor broadly white; but the primaries differ as follows: first four primaries subequal, the fifth a little shorter, but much longer than the sixth; the second to the fifth primaries are emarginate on the outer web; claws not as long as the hallux, much curved and slender.  The difference between these two species is not very great when when one has the specimens in hand, but in the field they are easily distinguished by their call-notes, which seem to indicate that they are not so closely allied as their general characters would seem to show and that the emargination of the primaries is sufficiently important a character to justify separating them into two distinct genera. I propose therefore to place A. nicholsoni Sharpe in a new genus, ANOMALANTHUS." (A. Roberts 1922) (see Meganthus).

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