(Muscicapidae; Ϯ White-gorgetted Flycatcher A. monileger) Genus Anthus Bechstein, 1805, pipit; L. pes, pedis  foot  < Gr. πους pous, ποδος podos  foot; “Anthipes, nobis.  This would probably be classed by Mr. Swainson with his Fluvicolinæ, or "Water-chats." With the general form of a Pratincola, it combines a Flycatcher’s bill, and the toes and claws of an Anthus or Pipit  ...  Tarse slender, as long as the middle toe with its claw: the toes and claws suited for running, as in the Pipits; the middle front claw greatly exceeding the two lateral ones, and the hind claw as long as the toe, and but slightly curved, as are also the other claws.  ...  A. gularis, nobis.  ...  From Arracan, where discovered by Capt. Phayre.  The Dimorpha? moniliger, Hodgson, Ann. Mag. N. H. 1845, p. 196. would seem, from the description, to approximate the above species in its markings.” (Blyth 1847).

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