(Trochilidae; Ϯ Black-chinned Hummingbird A. alexandri) Archilochus (fl. 600 BC) Parian poet famous for his savage wit and flouting of convention; "*Selasphorus   ...  * β. Archilochus Alexandri (Tr. — BOURC. 1846.) RCHB.  —  Mex.: Sierra Madre." (Reichenbach 1854); "Selasphorus β Archilochus Reichenbach, Journ. f. Orn., 1, 1854, Beil. zu Extrah., p. 13. Type, by monotypy, Trochilus alexandri Bourcier, i.e. Bourcier and Mulsant." (Peters 1945, V, 134).  One of numerous hummingbird genera diagnosed by Reichenbach 1854, commemorating classical artisans, following the precedents set by Linnaeus, Brisson, and other eighteenth century authors, who culled many names from the classics and mythology to express close relationship between groups of species in large, unwieldy genera.
Var. Architrochilus.
Synon. Colubris, Cynanthus, Trochilus.

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