(Monarchidae; Ϯ Frilled Monarch A. telescophthalmus) Arses was the personal name of two ancient kings of Persia; Arses Artaxerxes I (reigned 465-424 BC) believed by some authorities to be King Ahasuerus of Biblical fame, and Arses Artaxerxes IV (reigned 338-336 BC) poisoned after a reign of only three years; "XI.e Sous-genre. ARSÈS; Arses.  Bec médiocre, crochu, comprimé, peu large; ailes amples, alongées; queue étalée, un peu élargie; tarses courts, peu robustes.    39.º Muscicapa telescopthalma, Less., Zool. de la Coq., pl. 18, fig. 1. De la Nouvelle-Guinée.    40.º Muscicapa chrysomelas, Less., Zool. de la Coq., pl. 18, fig. 2. De la Nouvelle-Irlande.    41.º Muscicapa nigrorufa, Cuv., Levaill. Surinam.    42.º Muscicapa melanoptera, Gm.; Enl., 567, fig. 2. Du Sénégal." (Lesson 1830). A typically regal epithet for the Frilled Monarch, parallelling those given to the American tyrant flycatchers Tyrannidae.
Synon. Ophryzone, Proseisura.

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