(Thraupidae; Ϯ Sooty Grassquit A. fuliginosa) Gr. ασημος asēmos  without distinguishing marks  < negative prefix α- a- ; σημα sēma, σηματος sēmatos  mark, sign; σπιζα spiza  finch; "7. Asemospiza, new genus (Fig. 2)   Type species. Fringilla fuliginosa Wied, 1831, currently recognized as Tiaris fuliginosus.   ...  Etymology. Asemospiza is formed from the Greek ασημος, "unmarked," in reference to the unstreaked drab plumage of the two component species, and Greek σπιζα, the chaffinch Fringilla coelebs, commonly used in ornithology in the coining of names of finch-like birds. Its gender is feminine, in accord with Greek grammar" (Burns et al. 2016) (OD per Richard Klim).

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