(syn. Melanerpes Ϯ Lewis's Woodpecker M. lewis) Gr. negative prefix α- a-; συν sun  together; δεσμος desmos  bond; “ASYNDESMUS Coues, nov. gen.   ...   Feathers of the under parts and of a nuchal collar with the fibres on their terminal portion disconnected, loosened, enlarged in calibre, stiffened, almost bristle-like, with a peculiar glistening silicious hardness, destitute of fibrillæ whereby to interlock.   ...  TYPE. Picus torquatus Wilson.   ...   My name has reference to the disconnection of the fibres of the feather” (Coues 1866); "Asyndesmus Coues, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, 1866, p. 55. Type, by original designation, Picus torquatus Wilson = Picus lewis G. R. Gray." (Peters 1948, VI, 157).

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