(Hirundinidae; Ϯ White-banded Swallow A. fasciata) Gr. Ατθι κορα Atthi kora epithet of the swallow < Αττικος Attikos Attic, Athenian; κορα kora maiden. In ornithology Attic place-names and personal names were commonly coined for swallows and swifts; "ATTICORA LEUCOSTERNON, Gould   ...   For the present I have placed this new and elegant Swallow with the members of the genus Atticora; the type of which is the Hirundo fasciata of authors, a bird inhabiting South America, from which country I have seen two species, while South Africa presents us with a third; the present, therefore, may be considered as a representative of the genus in Australia" (Gould 1842);  "8. Atticora B.   1) Corpus aterrimum, fasciis niveis saepius insignitum.   2) Longitudo 4-7".   3) Cauda forficata.   4) Remigum prima longissima.    Iris braun. Schnabel von mittelmäßiger Stärke. Schwungfedern straff. Füße schwach. Schwanz eine vollkommene Gabel bildend.   Heller gefärbte Art: H. ambrosiaca." (Boie 1844); "Atticora Boie, 1844, Isis von Oken, col. 172. Type, by subsequent designation, Hirundo fasciata Gmelin (Gray, 1855, Cat. Gen. Subgen. Birds, p. 13)." (Peters 1960, IX, 90); "ATTICORA Gould, 1842  F — Hirundo fasciata auctorum; type by original designation = Hirundo fasciata J. F. Gmelin, 1789 ...  4 For correction of author and date see Gregory & Dickinson (2012)" (Dickinson & Christidis (eds.) 2014, 484).
Var. Acticora, Alticora.
Synon. Microchelidon, NeochelidonNotiochelidon.

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