(syn. Dicrurus Ϯ Lesser Racquet-tailed Drongo D. remifer tectirostris) Bengali name Bhring rāj king of the bees, for the Greater Racquet-tailed Drongo; “Bhring-Raja, quasi Rexa pum. is, in the plains, the generic name of our 3 first species. Chibia is the hill name  ... Bhringa, Bhringaca, and Bhring-raj, are synonimes, most improperly applied by Wilson to Lanius carulescens and other Bhuchangas. Quoad the use of native generic appellations, I think there is wisdom in it, as helping the student in India to discover affinities which the people have ascertained from long familiarity. And, with respect to the European student, what can he rationally object? A single word or dinarity cannot pourtray a group or genus: and are not half Cuviers generic terms derived from Greek or Latin names of unknown birds? Indian words are generally as euphonous as the cognate Greek and Latin ones, and, I may add, as signiycant too.  ...  Sub genus Bhringa nobis.  3rd Species, new. Tectirostris nobis.” (Hodgson 1836); "Bhringa Hodgson, 1836, India Rev., 1, p. 325. Type, by original designation and monotypy, Bhringa tectirostris Hodgson." (Vaurie in Peters 1962, XV, 138) (see Melisseus).   Var. Bringa.

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