(syn. Poodytes Ϯ New Zealand Fernbird P. punctatus) Dr Richard Bowdler Sharpe (1847-1909) English ornithologist; "While investigating these questions I found that only the New Zealand species of Sphenoeacus have ten tail-feathers, the African ones not. The African species, besides having twelve tail-feathers have the operculum over the nostrils bare of feathers, while it is feathered in the New Zealand ones; the outer webs of the tail-feathers are fuller and more connected, while they are very lax and separate in the species from New Zealand, and have a longer and stronger wing. There is, therefore, no doubt that Sphenoeacus is not only placed wrong in the key given by Sharpe (Cat. B. Brit. Mus. VII. p. 93), but that it is more reasonably divided into two genera, as Sharpe would have done if he had counted the tail-feathers of the African Sphenoeacus and noticed the other differences. The generic name being founded on the African species, it becomes necessary to create a new name for the New Zealand group, which I propose to call  Bowdleria gen. nov.  in remembrance of Dr. Bowdler Sharpe's invaluable Catalogue of the Timeliidae" (Rothschild 1896).

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