(Muscicapidae; Ϯ Javan Shortwing B. montana) Gr. βραχυς brakhus  short; πτερυξ pterux, πτερυγος pterugos  wing (cf. βραχυπτερος brakhupteros  short-winged  < βραχυς brakhus  short; πτερον pteron  wing); "Gen. 22. BRACHYPTERYX.  ...  Alæ brevissimæ: remiges integræ, 1 subspuria, 2-5 gradatim increscentes, 5-10 subæquales longiores, reliquæ gradatim breviores  ...  The characters which distinguish this genus from Motacilla are the robustness of the bill, the arch or curvature of the culmen or back, the margin and inclination of the lower mandibule, and the size and protrusion of the nares. It possesses likewise peculiarities in the shortness of the wings and the elevation of the tarsi.   Spec. 1. Brachypteryx montana.  ...  Ketek Javanis.  ...  Spec. 2. Brachypteryx sepiaria.  ...  Chichohan Javanis." (Horsfield 1821).  
Var. Brachypterix, Brachypterux.
Synon. Goldana.

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