(Anatidae; Ϯ Bufflehead B. albeola) Specific name Anas bucephala Linnaeus, 1766 (= syn. Bucephala albeola); "Bucephala, BAIRD.  Type Anas albeola, L.  ...  BUCEPHALA, Baird.  ...  CH.— Bill from feathers of forehead about equal to the tarsus and shorter than the head; high at the base; lateral outlines tapering to the tip, where the nail forms only the central portion, though rather large. Nostrils situated near the middle of  the bill. Feathers of chin and forehead extending only moderately foreward a little further than those of cheeks. Tarsus rather more than half the foot. Tail moderately long, about half the wing, and somewhat pointed; of sixteen feathers.  ...  BUCEPHALA ALBEOLA, Baird.  Butter Ball; Dipper; Buffle Head.  ...  The name buffle head is a corruption of buffalo head, under which name it is mentioned by Bartram, in 1791." (Baird 1858) (see bucephala ●). 
Synon. Charitonetta, Clanganas, Clangula, Glaucion, Glaucionetta.

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