(Alaudidae; Ϯ Karoo Lark C. albescens) Portmanteau of genera Calendula Swainson, 1837, lark, and Alauda, Linnaeus, 1758, lark; "Mr. G. R. Gray assigns to MEGALOPHONUS certain true Larks (possessing the nareal tuft) of S. Africa, which Dr. A. Smith classed as ALAUDÆ; but these constitute a peculiar form, CALENDULAUDA, nobis; ex. ALAUDA ALBESCENS, Lafr. (v. A. codea, A. Smith),— A. LAGEPA, A. Smith, &c." (Blyth 1855); "CALENDULAUDA Blyth, 1855  F — Alauda albescens Lafresnaye, 1839; type by monotypy." (Dickinson & Christidis (eds.) 2014, 437). The Karoo Lark and its allies are a challenging group that have been linked to various other taxa in the past.
Synon. Pseudammomanes, Sabota.

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