(Procellariidae; Ϯ Streaked Shearwater C. leucomelas) Gr. καλος kalos  noble, good; genus Nectris Kuhl, 1820, shearwater; "Genus Calonectris, nov.  leucomelas (Temminck).  kuhli (Boie).  ...  Genus CALONECTRIS, nov.  We propose this genus-name for Puffinus leucomelas Temminck, which differs in coloration from every other member of the group. In its large size it comes near the genus Ardenna, and was placed under this genus by Mathews in his List of the Birds of Australia. Though agreeing fairly well in bill-characters with Ardenna, it differs in the structure of the legs and feet. Ardenna agrees, in having the tarsus very much compressed, with Puffinus sensu lat. Calonectris has the tarsus comparatively little compressed, and this feature is only shared with it by the species kuhli, which we temporarily associate with it." (Mathews & Iredale 1915); "Calonectris Mathews and Iredale, Ibis, 1915, p. 590, 592. Type, by original designation, Procellaria leucomelas Temminck." (Peters 1931, 1, 53).

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