(Picidae; Ϯ Little Green Woodpecker C. maculosa) Gr. καμπη kampē  caterpillar; -θηρας -thēras  hunter  < θηραω thēraō  to hunt  < θηρ thēr, θηρος thēros  beast, animal; "CAMPETHERA, G. R. Gray (1841).  Dendromus a, Swains.  Picus, Swains.  C. brachyrhyncha, (Swains.) G. R. Gray.   ...   a Used in Mammalogy." (G. Gray 1841); "Campethera G. R. Gray, List Gen. Bds., 1841, p. 70. Type, by original designation, C. brachyrhyncha  (Swains.) = Dendromus brachyrhynchus Swainson = Picus maculosus Valenciennes." (Peters 1948, VI, 116).
Var. Campetherus, Campothera.
Synon. Chrysopicos, Chrysoptilopicus, Cnipotheres, Dendromus, Ipagrus, Notopicus, Pardipicus, Stictocraugus, Stictopicus.

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