(syn. Tringa Ϯ Eastern Willet T. semipalmata) Gr. κατοπτρον katoptron  mirror; φορος phoros  bearing  < φερω pherō  to carry; the willets, a pair of distinctive Nearctic sandpipers, have striking white wing-patches; "SUBGENUS I. CATOPTROPHORUS.  Part of Chevaliers proprement dits, Temm.  Part of Glottis, Nilsson.  ... TOTANUS SEMIPALMATUS, Temm.  Rump white; lower wing coverts, black; quills white, for two thirds of their length from the base  ... Following the mania of the day, we have formed a new subgenus for the reception of this bird, which deserves the distinction quite as well, and better than a great many others." (Bonaparte 1827); "Catoptrophorus Bonaparte, Ann. Lyc. Nat. Hist. N. Y., 2, 1827, p. 323. Type, by monotypy, Totanus semipalmatus Temminck = Scolopax semipalmata Gmelin." (Peters 1934, II, 269).   Var. Catorthrophorus, Catatrophorus.

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