(syn. Rollandia Ϯ Titicaca Grebe R. microptera) Gr. κεντρον kentron  spike, spine; πελμα pelma, πελματος pelmatos  sole of the foot; “CENTROPELMA MICROPTERUM. (LITTLE-WINGED GREBE).  Podiceps micropterus . . .Gould, P.Z.S. 1868, p. 220.  ...  The tarsus of this Grebe is considerably shorter than the middle toe without the nail. As in all species of the genus, it is excessively compressed, and terminates posteriorly in a double series of scales, which, however, are much more prominent than in any other Grebe we are acquainted with, so as to constitute two rows of projecting spines, which run up the back of the tarsus and are particularly well developed at the proximal extremity. This striking peculiarity has induced us to bestow upon the bird the generic name Centropelma.*  ...  *Kεντρον spina et πελμα planta pedis” (P. Sclater & Salvin 1869); "Centropelma Sclater and Salvin, Exot. Orn., 1869, p. 189. Type, by monotypy, Podiceps micropterus Gould." (Peters 1931, 1, 40).

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