(Muscicapidae; Ϯ Black Scrub Robin C. podobe) Gr. κερκος kerkos  tail; τριχας trikhas, τριχαδος trikhados  thrush; alluding to the long, expressive tail of the Black Scrub Robin; "Cercotrichas.  Unter diesen Namen vereinige ich Turdus phoenicopterus Tem.  T. erythropterus, T. macrourus Lath.  T. tricolor Vieill. Afr. pl. 14.  Sax. leucampter Museum Berl." (Boie 1831); "Cercotrichas Boie, 1831, Isis, p. 542. Type, by subsequent designation (Finsch and Hartlaub, 1870, Vög. Ost.-Afr., p. 249), Turdus erythropterus Gmelin = Turdus podobe Müller." (Ripley in Peters 1964, X, 27). 
Synon. Aedon, AgrobatesErythropygia, Humicola, Podobeus.

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