(syn. Alectoris Ϯ Chukar Partridge A. chukar) Hindi name Chukor for the Chukar Partridge (cf. Chamba name Chakru for the Chukar Partridge); "I am tempted to add to the above generic definitions, another calculated for our Hill Chikore, the Perdix Chukor of Hardwicke, but which differs materially from the type both of Perdix and of Francolinus.  It has a bill stronger than either, and, with the nares, extremely resembling those of our Lerwa; but the bill is more compressed; and the Chukora is distinguished by a strength of legs far surpassing any bird of the family.  It has some other peculiarities which the following character may perhaps serve to pourtray, as a new generic or sub-generic type.  ...  If the above distinctions appear worthy of notice, the genus or sub-genus may be called Chacura; and the typic species Chacura pugnax.  ...  Has a very sonorous call, and the males are famous for courage and pugnacity, being most easily tamed and shewing none of the shyness of the generality of partridges." (Hodgson 1837).

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