(syn. Pternistis Ϯ Hartlaub's Francolin P. hartlaubi) Dr James Paul Chapin (1889-1964) US ornithologist, collector; Gr. ορτυξ ortux, ορτυγος ortugos  quail; "CHAPINORTYX gen. nov., genotype Francolinus hartlaubi Bocage.  In the Auk, 1926, p. 235, Dr. James P. Chapin has separated Francolinus nahani Dubois (Ann. Congo Mus., Zool. Ser. IV, Tome I, Fasc. I, p. 17, pl. X) under the generic name of Acentortyx, on the grounds that spurs are totally absent, not even with a scaly excrescence to mark their position, a patch of naked skin below the eyes, and "bill not so weak as in F. lathami" (= genotype of Peliperdix). Having regard to this separation, it becomes necessary to make another genus for "Francolinus hartlaubi" Bocage, and I therefore introduce the above name of Chapinortyx for it." (A. Roberts 1928) (OD per Björn Bergenholtz); "While Francolinus contains a rather heterogeneous assortment of species and could no doubt be dismembered to advantage, I believe that such a revision is best undertaken by some one in a position to make a simultaneous examination of all the species. Removing a single species at random, and without considering the possible relationship of other species, is a most haphazard method." (Peters 1934, II, 68).

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