(syn. Dicrurus Ϯ Bronzed Drongo D. aeneus) Nepalese name Chaptia or Chaptya for the Bronzed Drongo; "Sub-genus Chaptia nobis.  Chaptya (quasi Platyrynchus) of Nepal.  6th Species.  Muscipetoides nobis. Remarkable for the feebleness of its bill and feet, and seeming absolutely to unite the laniidæ and musci capidæ [sic]. It might be classed, indifferently, with either. The bill and feet are quite those of muscipeta; but there is in both that additional degree of strength which, added to the blue-glossed black plumage with lanceolate hackles, and to the ten-feathered forked tail, affines our bird to the Edolian shrikes. Cuvier, I am aware, classed the Edolianæ with the fly-catchers: but they have have [sic] since, with reason, been associated with the Laniidæ or shrikes." (Hodgson 1836); "Chaptia Hodgson, 1836, India Rev., 1, p. 326. Type, by monotypy, Chaptia muscipetoides Hodgson = Dicrurus aeneus Vieillot." (Vaurie in Peters 1962, XV, 138).

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