(Anhimidae; Ϯ Northern Screamer C. chavaria) Gr. χαυνος khaunos spongy, porous; ref. the cellules or air-sacs beneath the skin of screamers; “When any part of the skin is touched by the hand a crackling is felt” (Latham 1785); “GENUS 99. CHAUNA (χαυνος fungosus, inflatus, inanis).  ...  Species: Parra Chavaria Lin. (Chaja Azara.)  Observat. Hanc avem (uti Glareolam, Cereopsin, Dicholophum) me nondum videsse, fateor; characteres genericos itaque, quantum licuit, e descriptionibus et iconibus hausi.   Chaunam, cujus nomen inde deductum est, quod cutis etiam pedum sub tactu crepet, scilicet cellulis inanibus ipsi substratis, a Palamedea et Parra distinguendam esse, mihi persuasum habeo.” (Illiger 1811); "Chauna Illiger, Prodromus, 1811, p. 253. Type, by monotypy, Parra chavaria Linné." (Peters 1931, 1, 142).
Var. Chaussa, Chaima.
Synon. Chaja, Ischyrornis, Opistolophus.

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