Gr. χηνισκος khēniskos  little goose  < dim. χην khēn, χηνος khēnos  goose.
● (syn. Fratercula Ϯ Tufted Puffin F. cirrhata) "2808. [subgenus] b. CHENISCUS, Moehr. 1752.   Lunda, Pall. 1766.  Gymnoblepharum, Brandt, 1837.  Sagmatorrhina, Bp. 1851.   10778. cirrhata, Gm." (G. Gray 1871) (see Chenalopex ●).
● (syn. Nettapus Ϯ Cotton Pygmy Goose N. coromanelianus) "GENUS CCCLXXXI. — CHENISCUS, Brooks' Mss.  The characters of this genus, which is intermediate between Bernicla and Chenalopeæ, have not been published" (Stephens 1826); "GENUS IV. CHENISCUS  ...  TYPE. Cheniscus Coromandeliana.  Affinity. In the structure of the feet this genus bears considerable resemblance to the species of the genus Anser, adapted for swimming, though of extremely diminutive size. The bill, on the contrary, is that of Bernicla.  ...  It is called the "Cotton Teal" by the Europeans of the Deccan, from the quantity of white in the plumage." (Eyton 1838).  Var. Cheniskus.

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