(Ptilonorhynchidae; Ϯ Spotted Bowerbird C. maculata) Gr. χλαμυς khlamus, χλαμυδος khlamudos  short cloak; δερα dera  neck (see Calodera); "Genus CHLAMYDERA, Gould.  Generic characters.  Bill moderate, culmen elevated, and arched to the tip which is emarginated, compressed on the sides; gonys slightly advancing upwards; nostrils basal, lateral, exposed, rounded, and pierced in a membrane; wings long and pointed, first primary short, second primary shorter than the third and fourth, which are equal, and the longest; tail long and slightly rounded; tarsi robust, defended anteriorly with broad scuta; toes long and strong; outer toe longer than the inner, hind-toe long and robust; claws long, curved, and acute.   258. Chlamydera maculata, Gould.  ...  259. Chlamydera nuchalis" (Gould 1848); "Chlamydera Gould, 1837, Birds Australia, pt. 1, text to plate 3, note. Type, by monotypy, Calodera maculata Gould." (Mayr in Peters 1962, XV, 179).  In the copies of Gould 1837 (?suppressed part) available to me I cannot locate the Note to Plate 3 where this replacement name is proposed.
Var. Chlamidera, Chlamydodera.
Synon. Alphachlamydera, Calodera, Pseudochlamydera, Rogersornis.

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