(Otididae; Ϯ Houbara Bustard C. undulata) Gr. χλαμυς khlamus,  χλαμυδος khlamudos  horseman’s cloak with weights sewn into the corners; ωτις ōtis, ωτιδος ōtidos  bustard; alluding to the black and white neck plumes of the male Houbara Bustard; "14genre OUTARDE, Otis , L.  ...  2e sous-genre Chlamydotis.  Une esp.: Otis houbara." (Lesson 1839); "Chlamydotis Lesson, Rev. Zool., 1839, p. 47. Type, by monotypy, Otis houbara Desfontaines = Psophia undulata Jacquin." (Peters 1934, II, 220).
Var. Chlamodotis.
Synon. Hubara, Lophorhipis.

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