(Anatidae; Ϯ Magellan Goose C. picta leucoptera) Gr. χλοη khloē  young green grass; -φαγος -phagos  -eating  < φαγειν phagein  to eat (cf. Late Gr. χλοηφαγος khloēphagos  eating grass); "GENUS II. CHLOEPHAGA.   EXT. CHAR.  Pedes robusti. Digitis posterioribus mediocribus, unguibus incurvatis instructis. Membrana inter digitos anterius concavatis. Tarsi robusti longi. Rostrum robustum, culmine vix arcuatum, ungue magna instructa. Nares lineares in medio rostri positæ. Lamellæ parvæ antice obliteratæ.  ANAT. CHAR. Trachea bulbo uno latere osseo.  ...  TYPE. Chloephaga Magellanica.   Affinities. The above genus we have formed on Bernicla Magellanica, which bird in outward form appears to make a link between the genera Bernicla and Cereopsis, and internally, as far as regards the trachea, presents an affinity to the Anatinæ." (Eyton 1838); "Chloëphaga Eyton, Monogr. Anat., 1838, p. 13. Type, by original designation, Anas magellanica Gmelin = Anas leucoptera Gmelin." (Peters 1931, I, 151).
Var. Chloepaga, Chloophaga.
Synon. Andichenodes, Chloetrophus, FoetopterusOressochen, Taenidiestes.

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