(Chloropseidae; Ϯ Javan Leafbird C. cochinchinensis) Gr. χλωρος khlōros  green; οψις opsis  appearance; "GENUS CHLOROPSIS, NOBIS.   TURDUS, Gmel. — PHILEDON, Cuvier. — CERTHIA, Shaw.   ...   Typus genericus, TURDUS cochinsinensis, Lath.   ...   The species at present known, and strictly referable to the genus, are few, and are all natives of the warm climates of Asia. From the formation of their tongue, which is long, extensile, and furnished at the tip with a pencil of cartilaginous fibres, they are supposed to feed principally upon the nectar of flowers: or, what is still more probable (judging from the strength of their bill, as compared with that of the true nectariferous species) on the juices or flesh of the tropical fruits.   ...   CHLOROPSIS MALABARICUS, (NOBIS).   ...   Upper parts sap-green, changing in its intensity according to the light in which it is placed, and passing into gamboge-yellow behind the eyes, and where it comes in contact with the black throat. Under parts sap-green, lighter towards the vent" (Jardine & Selby 1827).
Var. Chloroposis.
Synon. Phyllornis.

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