(Ciconiidae; Ϯ White Stork C.ciconia) L. ciconia  stork; "LA CICOGNE BLANCHE.  Ciconia alba; oculorum ambitu nudo, nigro; remigibus nigricantibus; rectricibus candidis. . . .CICONIA ALBA" (Brisson 1760): based on "Ciconia" of Gessner 1555, "Ciconia" or "Ciconia alba" of numerous other references, "Ardea alba" of Linnaeus 1746, and Ardea ciconia Linnaeus, 1758; "Ciconia Brisson, Orn., 1, 1760, p. 48; 5, 1760, p. 361. Type, by tautonymy, Ciconia = Ardea Ciconia Linné." (Peters 1931, 1, 129). The White Stork is encouraged to nest on rooftops, stacks and chimneys in Europe, where its presence is hoped to bring good fortune.   
Var. Coconia ("Mit dem Schnabel klappt er durch Zusammenschlagen wie Coconia" (Kaup 1857). Although indexed in the Richmond Card series, Kaup's name is a lapsus for Ciconia Brisson, 1760).   
Synon. Abdimia, Dissoura, Euxenura, Melanopelargus, Pelargos, Prociconia, Sphenorynchus.

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