(syn. Puffinus Ϯ Fluttering Shearwater P. gavia) Gr. κιναθισμα kinathisma, κιναθισματος kinathismatos  rustling of wings  < κινεω kineō  to move; "Cinathisma cyanoleuca occurred in considerable numbers, two separate flocks being encountered on the open sea, and five specimens (three male and two female) were secured. This bird has a remarkable short fluttering flight, quite unlike that of any other members of the Puffinidæ common to the New South Wales coast.  ... Cinathisma, gen. nov.  Differs from Puffinus in the stronger bill, shorter in proportion to length of bird; shorter wing, tail square (not rounded); rectrices, 9." (Hull 1916); "Cinathisma Hull, Emu, 15, 1916, p. 205. Type, by monotypy, Cinathisma cyanoleuca Hull = Reinholdia reinholdi byroni Mathews [= Puffinus gavia (Forster, 1844)]" (Peters 1931, 1, 53.).   Var. Cinathioma.

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