(Corvidae; Ϯ Common Green Magpie C. chinensis) Gr. κισσα kissa  magpie. The Greeks applied this name both to the jay and to the magpie, equally noisy and familiar. In Gr. myth. Cissa was one of the Pierides, who, having failed to best the Muses in a singing contest, was transformed into a chattering magpie; "XVIII. Fam. Melliphagidae Vigors. ...  2 Unter der Benennung Cissa könnten ferner zur Gattung erhoben werden: Cor. sinensis Gm. und verwandte Arten." (Boie 1826); "Cissa Boie, 1826, Isis von Oken, col. 975. Type, by monotypy, Coracias sinensis Gmelin, 1788 = Coracias chinensis Boddaert, 1783.  ...  The name Kitta Temminck, 1826, in Temminck and Laugier, Pl. Col., 395, livr. 67 (= Ptilonorhynchus Kuhl, 1820, Beitr. Zool. Vergl. Anat., p. 150) has been used in error by some authors for this genus." (Vaurie in Peters 1962, XV, 242). 
Synon. Chlorisoma, Corapica.

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