(syn. Cygnus Ϯ Trumpeter Swan C. buccinator) Gr. κλαγγη klangē  noise, clangor; κυκνος kuknos  swan; "CLANGOCYCNUS, * sub-gen. nov.  Chars. sub-gen.— Distance from the anterior angle of the eye to the posterior border of nostril not much, yet usually a little, greater than the distance from the latter to the tip of the bill; bill longer than head; tail commonly of 24 feathers; bronchial dilatation very large.   OLOR BUCCINATOR (Richardson).  ... This species differs from other members of the genus in several minor structural characters of more or less importance, particularly in the unusually large size of the bronchial dilatation, and possibly deserves even generic separation.  ...  *Kλαγγη, clangor; κυκνος, cygnus." (Oberholser 1908); "Clangocycnus Oberholser, Emu, 8, 1908, p. 3. Type, by monotypy, Cygnus buccinator Richardson." (Peters 1931, 1, 143).

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