(Ardeidae; Ϯ Boat-billed Heron C. cochlearius) L. cocleare, coclearis or cochlearium  spoon in the form of a snail-shell  < coclea  snail  < Gr. κοχλιας kokhlias  snail; "Cochlearius . Genus 83.  ...  Rostrum crassum, breve: Mandibula superior cochleariformis, apice unguiculata.    **1. LA CUILLIERE  ...  COCHLEARIUS" (Brisson 1760): based on "Onocrotalus Americanus" of Barrère 1745; "Cochlearius Brisson, Orn., 1, 1760, p. 48; 5, 1760, p. 506. Type, by tautonymy, [Cochlearius] cochlearius Brisson = Cancroma cochlearia Linné." (Peters 1931, 1, 125). The specialised, sensitive bill of the nocturnal Boat-billed Heron is an adaptation for vacuuming up shrimps and other prey items in the darkness.
Var. Cochlearis.
Synon. Cancroma, Cymbops.

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