(Turdidae; Ϯ Purple Cochoa C. purpurea) Nepalese name Cocho for the cochoas; "These birds are not generally or familiarly known to the Nipalese, but the foresters, whom I have met with, denominate them Cocho: and by that name, latinised into Cochoa, I have designated them generically in my note book.  As a Meruline genus, placed close to Turdus, the following characters may perhaps serve to mark them.  Wings, tail, and feet, as in Turdus.  Tarsi rather lower and tail somewhat longer.  Bill straight, considerably depressed; the maxilla excided beyond the centre by the nasal fosse: the nostrils very large, and nearer to tip than to gape.  Head crested as in Garrulus.  The two species at present known to me I shall call, by their prevalent colour, Viridis and Purpurea.  ...  Cochoa purpurea.  Purple Cocho, Mihi.  ...  Co. Viridis. Green Cocho, Mihi." (Hodgson 1836).
Synon. Oreias, Prosorinia, Xenogenys.

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