(Trochilidae; Ϯ White-vented Violet-ear C. serrirostris) Spanish name Colibri for a hummingbird (supposedly based on a Carib word); "GENUS IV.  COLIBRI.  Rostro retiusculo, versus apicem intumido, subhiante, maxilla inferiore ad apicem subascendente.   SPECIES 1. COLIBRI CRISPUS.   ...   SPECIES 2. COLIBRI HIRUNDINACEUS.   ...   SPECIES 3. COLIBRI LEUCOPYGUS.   ...   SPECIES 4. COLIBRI ALBOGULARIS.   ...   SPECIES 5. COLIBRI HELIOS.   ...   SPECIES 6. COLIBRI MYSTAX." (von Spix 1824); "Colibri Spix, Av. Bras., 1, 1824, p. 80. Type, by subsequent designation, [Colibri crispus von Spix =] Trochilus serrirostris Vieillot. (Gray, Cat. Gen. Subgen. Bds., 1855, p. 21.)" (Peters 1945, V, 22).
Var. Colibris.
Synon. Delphinella, Petasophora, Praxilla, Telesiella.
● (syn. Trochilus) "1. Paradies Colibri.  Colibri Paradiseus" (Statius Muller 1773). This bird, the Trochilus paradiseus Linnaeus, 1758, is unidentifiable; the use of Colibri here is treated as a lapsus for Trochilus (Gregory & Dickinson 2012).

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