(Pachycephalidae; Ϯ Grey Shrikethrush C. harmonica) Gr. κολλυριων kolluriōn  thrush-sized bird mentioned by Aristotle and Hesychius, not further identified, but in ornithology considered to be a shrike (cf. genus Collurio Kaup,1829, shrike); Mod. L. cinclus  thrush  < Gr. κιγκλος kinklos  unidentified waterside bird; "Genus. COLLURICINCLA*.  ...  *Kολλυριων lanius, and κιγκλος turdus  ...  This group, which by its straight and rather lengthened bill appears to come into the subfamily of Thamnophilina among the Shrikes, may probably be considered the representative in Australia of the South American Thamnophili and the African Malaconoti  ...  while at the same time it has also some general resemblance to the neighbouring family of the Thrushes. The present subfamily, it is to be observed, is that which connects the Laniadæ with the last-mentioned family Merulidæ  ...  We have assigned the genus a name indicative of these approaching affinities.   1. CINEREA." (Vigors & Horsfield 1827); "Colluricincla Vigors and Horsfield, 1827, Linn. Soc. London, 15, p. 213. Type, by monotypy, Colluricincla cinerea = Turdus harmonicus Latham." (Mayr in Peters 1967, XII, 36).
Var. Colluriocincla, Collyriocincla, Collyriocichla (Mod. L. cichla  thrush  < Gr. κιχλη kikhlē  thrush), Collurisoma (Gr. σωμα sōma, σωματος sōmatos  body), Colurisoma, Colluricisoma.
Synon. Alphacincla, Bowyeria, Caleya, Conigravea, Myiolestes, Myiophila, Pnigocichla, Umbrixos.

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